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We stand against“Restrictions of Protests”in figure skating

Dear Sir/Madam:

We want to ask you to change or terminate below from ISU rule book.

Rule 123 of the ISU General Regulation:
4.Protest restrictions
A. Figure Skating

i) No protests against evaluations by Referees, Judges and the Technical Panel (Technical Controller, Technical Specialists, Data & Replay Operator) of Skaters’ performances are allowed;

ii) Protests against results are permitted only in the case of incorrect mathematical calculation.
A wrong identification of an element or of a level of difficulty, although it results in a lower or higher score, is a human error and not an incorrect mathematical calculation;

iii) However, if the Referee learns:
a) Prior to the beginning of the award ceremony or prior to the official announcement of results if there is no award ceremony, that a human error relating to a wrong data input by the Data Operator occurred, the Referee may correct the error provided that the Technical Controller, both Technical Specialists and the Data Operator all agree that there was an error;

b) Within 24 hours after the award ceremony that an incorrect mathematical calculation occurred, the Referee may correct the calculation even without a protest provided that the Technical Controller, both Technical Specialists and the Data Operator all agree that there was such an incorrect calculation.
If such correction requires corrections of the final placements of the Skaters, the corresponding medals and/or awards shallbe changed accordingly;

c) If the situation under paragraph a) and b) arises the Referee shall make a short record in writing which has to be signed by all the Officials concerned.

For over 6 to 7 years, we figure skating fans in Japan have been eyewitnesses to many puzzling scores. Have you ever seen the sign that said “slugs” at Torino in 2010? Did you hear the huge booing in Nice in 2012? Have you seen the puzzled faces in London in 2013?

By this “Hitler’s rule” and with an anonymous judging panel, not only coaches cannot protest it, but many fans cannot get any rational explanation from anyone. None.

We are waiting for whistle blowers from inside the ISU. We have heard none. 

Yet, we want to see some transparency, fair scoring, and a fair figure skating competition.

Even some of us founded protest group for fair scoring system. We have more than 5000 signatures asking for a fair scoring system, then we sent them t to the Japan Skating Federation. We have not yet received an answer.

If the ISU still continue as before, figure skating will be nothing more than local professional wrestling.

We are ordinary figure skating fans, with no baggage, no attachment. We are mothers, fathers, boys, girls, corporate workers, farmers, students, grandmothers, and grandfathers. We don’t have any corporate sponsors.

So, if we ask you to do this, what should we prepared to do?

1. Can we (figure skating fans in Japan) ask for this rule to be terminated or changed?

2. Should we hire a lawyer for this?

3. How much would it cost?

4. Would one of us have to go to the CAS?

5. Can we bring the case before the court with supply paper and video footage without a lawyer?

If we get the OK for this, we have to collect money from all over Japan. We ask you to please understand our situation. If we cannot collect the money, we will not be able to bring the case before the court .

All sports should be for the fans, not for the corporate sponsors and not only for one country. Does this make sense to you? Otherwise most competitive sports will disappear from the earth.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,