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About Us

About sochi123

・We are a community project
・We will work until the end of the Sochi Olympics
・Operated and controlled by figure skating fans in Japan
・We do not belong to any organizations and corporations

We will do:

・Produce and distribute the “fair” leaflet
・Produce and distribute  the DVD
・Questions to the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport)
・”Ask support” letter to all over the world
・Operate blog “sochi 123”

We appreciate donation from overseas:

・Please make International Money Orders at post office near you
・Country will be U.S.A. (make sure your country accepts International Money Orders to the US)
・Send to: Please give us e-mail. We will give your name and address. Send questions to sochi123@figure.x0.com
・Handling fee will be $4.50 (in US dollars), much cheaper than a bank transfer
・Please make sure our name (not sochi 123) and address, and your name and address are on International Money Orders
・Send to us. We will change your country’s currency to US dollars
・We will send you a receipt by e-mail 

US Postal Service says:

International Postal Money Orders  are…

・Always valid—they never expire.
・Available in values up to $1,000, each if sending within the United States and $700 each if sending abroad.
・Can also be cashed or negotiated at your bank and other financial institutions
・May be replaceable if damaged, lost, or stolen. Just hold on to your purchase receipt.

What do money orders cost? International Money Orders…… $4.50

What do you need to buy one? Cash, debit card, or traveler's check for payment

Thank you for your cooperation

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